Desi Hustle : The Underground Sound Of Desi Hip Hop

Another Official album by Universal music this time it features Underground artists. As written on the album cover DESI HUSTLE Official: The Underground Sound Of Desi Hip Hop.This MixTape features different artists like – Bohemia, Deep Cold, Kamla Punjabi, Dj Sanj, Nau Sau Bai, Haji Springer, B Projekt, G deep, 3 Sings and more.. With 10 tracks and playing time of 37:46 minutes, this mixtape has given a chance to underground rappers. Here is the track listing of this Mixtape – Continue reading


Lords Of Streets – Movin To The Club

This crew is Damn guys they have killed this Underground Hip Hop, they are new, they are from New Delhi City, LORDS OF STREET, Hip Hop band of 4 members A-Bazz, D-pac, MC Trigga and Street Boy. I loved this track, the way they make music, they are awesome you sure need to check out them –

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Stereo Nation – Twist & Shout

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LAZARUS STORY : LAZARUS (Download Full Album)


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Bonafide – Come to Party(Full Album)

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Welcome Back

Hello every one, you will sure be thinking why i moved my blog from blogspot to wordpress, then the reason is that i found someone hacked my gmail account, but due to my security email i got access back to my google account. And now i don’t want another hack so i made a new account here.

Why i choose wordpress? The reason is i wanted to keep my domain name same i.e. SOUNDOFDESI but i cant make one more account on blogger with the same domain name so i used wordpress to keep the name as before. I know i have lost every thing what i had posted on my previous blogs, but i will try to post the things again not all posts but i will post the best viewed posts here like today i saw bonafide – come to party is the most viewed post so i am gonna post this again and other similar posts. Thank you all for supporting us, keep your self updated whats happening in desi hip hop world with And if you want to get featured on this site send your tracks or works to –

Love Sound of Desi

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