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Happy Diwali – Sound Of Desi

Happy Diwali to all of you. Thanks all of you for supporting us. This is our first Diwali with you all and we are loving it. It feels very special when someone is there with you in festivals. Thank you all.


Sound Of Desi’s First Diwali

Do you know when I got my first stage show? It was Diwali when some one asked me to perform at his party in a club (I was in Mumbai at that time). I was excited for that as any one could be on his first performance. I asked would I get paid for it. He (the party organiser) replied as this is your first performance you will not get any payment if you succeed in entertaining the whole club then you are a next star. But there was a Continue reading

Desi Hip Hop – A Sound of Desi’s View

I started this blog 3 months before on Blogger, but due to some reasons I switch it from Blogger to WordPress. My blog Sound of Desi is about Desi Hip Hop undiscovered urban Desi Songs. Do you know why I choose to make this blog? I love listening Desi Hip Hop songs but when I ask with others about those tracks, they just laugh by saying we don’t know any sadakchap artists. I think Desi Hip Hop has got more talent than other genres. So I started to promote underground Desi artists. So that they can also get counted with others. Continue reading

Roacha Killa – Revolution (lyrics)

If you haven’t listened this track yet than here is the official video of this track go for it – Continue reading
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