About Us

There are many talented artists who make great music but never get noticed by anyone. Because they don’t have record label to launch their music in stores. But their passion says them to do this for themselves. Hip Hop which is never heard in India only because of bollywwod music. There are many hip hop artists in India but they never get noticed. They make Hip Hop music in Desi language and had given birth to a new genre Desi Hip Hop.

Sound of Desi, this website features underground, undiscovered, Desi Hip Hop music. The music which doesn’t reach stores can be found here. Sound of Desi follows all the talented Hip Hop Rappers, Composers, R&B singers and whenever they drop any music we post it here. All the tracks are free of cost download maximum links are of Mediafire otherwise direct links where artists have uploaded their tracks.

Sound of Desi is a team of two people. There is no scam at any link here. Every link which gets posted it checked by two us before posting.

Are you an Artist?

If you are an artist and want to get your track featured here, then send your track to soundofdesi@yahoo.com with your album cover and download link. If we like it we will sure get it feature here.

One frequently asked question that I get in my inbox every week.

I have sended my track to your email but it is not posted on website, why?

If you have sended it we have received it and heard it, the reason why we haven’t posted it is because you have to work more on yourself, on your music. We don’t like your track. You can send more tracks, so that we can select any.


About Me

I am the owner of website aka Mr. Sound Of Desi. I am not a story writer but will try to explain it in a story so, story goes like this

I was in school, I think maybe in 8th or 9th standard (I didn’t remember it clearly) I was a poet, Hindi only. Though I read in English school but never got it in my head till today. I am Desi yaar…. One day I heard of Eminem, I don’t understand it but liked it and was planning to make a Hindi version of it, for those like me lolz. I researched about it, found out it is called rap; I found it easy because I was already a poet, what I have to do is just sing my poems with music simple. But that was not easy I worked hard on catching up the beat. Then I recorded my first track on a headphone, it was not clear but I was happy with it. I recorded my 3rd track in studio 2nd was also made at home. After that I got a studio at my home in New Delhi city. It is still there I compose music there, but hardly record any track now.

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