Sound Of Desi’s First Diwali

Do you know when I got my first stage show? It was Diwali when some one asked me to perform at his party in a club (I was in Mumbai at that time). I was excited for that as any one could be on his first performance. I asked would I get paid for it. He (the party organiser) replied as this is your first performance you will not get any payment if you succeed in entertaining the whole club then you are a next star. But there was a condition he said I have to get min. 8 people in club from my side unless I will also be charged. And the entry fees was 400/- now I was in very big trouble I thought let me perform by paying it was impossible to get 8 people in a strange city.

I got there on Diwali morning around 12:00. It was my first experience to club. I was excited and a little nervous for my performance. The party was already going on. Then I paid my entry fees at the gate and got them stamp on my right hand. I asked him when I have to perform, he said he will tell me till then enjoy the party. There was already a dj playing his mixes I too got on the dance floor with others and was enjoying there. Then at 03:00 I asked that person again he again said the same sentence. Again I got back in club. After an hour I saw few people were signing out of the club I asked someone when the party will over he said in next one hour, we are closing. I again got back to the party organiser and asked him what the hell when I am going to perform he just said “sorry brother toda………. . . .  (a long diary of excuses) and in last said day after tomorrow there is one more party at _____ club you can perform there just be there.” I was feeling very bad. The main thing was the man wanted crowd for his party with which he can make some money and I was been there as public not as a performer. He got his money now m done.

In last I got to understand one thing “you can’t trust anyone” from that day I had never performed in any club till today. Then I celebrated my sad Diwali with my relatives at night.

If you are also an artist then take my advice “never perform anywhere by paying your own money”

That Diwali is in one of my saddest memories, but we become winners in last by experiencing the life. Now this Diwali I am going to celebrate my Diwali with my parents, with happiness, with crackers, with Desi hip hop music which is compulsory and Drinks.

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