Desi Hip Hop – A Sound of Desi’s View

I started this blog 3 months before on Blogger, but due to some reasons I switch it from Blogger to WordPress. My blog Sound of Desi is about Desi Hip Hop undiscovered urban Desi Songs. Do you know why I choose to make this blog? I love listening Desi Hip Hop songs but when I ask with others about those tracks, they just laugh by saying we don’t know any sadakchap artists. I think Desi Hip Hop has got more talent than other genres. So I started to promote underground Desi artists. So that they can also get counted with others.

 DESI the word itself says everything, the word Desi is derived from the word “Desh” means “Country” in Hindi, Punjabi and other languages. Desi the word is used when something is defined to be purely from our urban lands like India and Pakistan though Bangladesh should also come in it but I think Bangla hip hop music maker are not enough to be in Desi Hip Hop category. Today Desi Hip Hop includes languages like Punjabi (the main language of Desi Hip Hop), English and Hindi.

 But India is a Desi country and India itself has more than 25+ languages why they are not in Desi Hip Hop. There is a reason India is very low in Hip Hop music (I am not talking about Pakistan and other Desi countries because I don’t know about them) I think Hip Hop has no future in India  only listen what the bollywood people make. They don’t listen Hip Hop and they don’t even make it. There are some people who make Hip Hop music and call themselves Desi Hip Hop makers.

 But when this Desi Hip Hop started, when it came to India? If I ask this question I will get 90% answers saying “Bohemia”. Though Bohemia has started a new genre Desi Hip Hop but for India it is not new, Artists like Apache India, Baba Segal, etc. had already made hits in Hip Hop. Desi Hip Hop is increasing day by day, every day a new artist is born in Desi Hip Hop.

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