Humble The Poet – 00:05

The first mixtape of Humble the poet, this man is launching his new mixtape – 00:03, on 17th so i thought why not upload the two mixtapes he had released before. Here is one and other in my next post. I like this guys rap his flow i love everything about this guy.

Track Listing

 01 Myintrotoletyouknow

02 A Milli (Revolution Remix)

03 Cry Now (P.D Diss)

04 What Makes a Man

05 I Fucks With Gaza

06 Palestinian Ch-ching Remix (Produced By Sikh Knowledge)

07 Gutter Muzic (Produced By H. Atwal)

08 Imagine2009 ft. Sikh Knowledge

09 Drop That

10 Remember This

11 Babbuliciuos Interlude

12 Friday Night Pt. 1

13 Pretty Brown

14 My Own Eyes (S.O.N.I)

15 Shoutouts to White Girls

16 Holes

17 HotBoy

18 Haters

19 Balle Interlude

20 U Don’t Know

22 Paper Planes

23 Voice For The Voiceless

24 Mati Das

25 Spaz

26 2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2, Words

27 The Wild (Produced By Sikh Knowledge)

28 TwoThousand

29 Myoutrotoletyouknow

30 Harman The Haterlude

31 *Bonus: Harman The Hater Freestyle


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